Dr Gerard Bourke is experienced in treating:
  • inflammatory and degenerative athritis
  • infection
  • deformity
  • congenital problems and those associated with neuromuscular problems and diabetes. including pressure ulcers and Charcot deformity.

Our Services

Dr Gerard Bourke is experienced in the following:

Orthopaedic surgery

Dr. Bourke is highly trained in all facets of foot, ankle and knee surgery.

Gait analysis

Dr. Bourke has spent many years analysing gait patterns of patients and athletes …

Running analysis

Professional athletes as well as the weekend warrior can benefit from running …


Arthritis can be degenerative (wear and tear) or inflammatory (the body attacks itself).

Weight bearing CT of the foot

Dr. Bourke is the owner of Queensland’s only weight bearing CT scanner.

Video fluoroscopy of the foot and knee

Certain conditions require moving images for diagnosis and treatment.

Diabetic foot treatment

Diabetic foot problems account for the greatest time out of work and in hospital …

Balance and proprioception assessment

Balance assessment is a relatively new and exciting science.

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