Gait Analysis

Dr. Bourke has spent many years analysing gait patterns of patients and athletes with a variety of conditions. Many running injuries are contributed by poor biomechanics. This can only be analysed with state-of-the-art techniques and equipment. Dr. Bourke has a pressure sensitive treadmill (Zebris) that measures pressures under the foot in real time at both walking and running speeds in shoe or barefoot. This can be combined with video analysis to further define gait. 3D accelerometers accurately map the movement of the whole leg and foot in relation to the pelvis. This allows accurate definition of gait patterns and can aid diagnosis and treatment of both acute and chronic injuries.

Patients are routinely examined pre-operatively so that post-operative gait examinations can be used to follow recovery and aid in rehabilitation.

Diabetics can be examined to pick up high pressure areas and hot spots to prevent ulcers before they occur and help treat them by assessing the effectiveness of unloading devices such as orthotics.

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